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The Boughs of Lowcountry

The Boughs of Lowcountry

With "The Boughs of Lowcountry," the artist captures the tranquil and introspective character of the woodland trail found in South Carolina. The path is lined with towering pines, leading one's imagination into the heart of the forest, where stories of the past seem to whisper through the leaves. The soft light casts a gentle glow that illuminates the rich textures of the underbrush and the earthy trail underfoot—a scene reminiscent of the gentle mornings that grace the American South.  Each step along this path feels like a journey through time, where the modern world fades, and one is left to ponder the timeless beauty of nature's artistry. This piece is an invitation to pause and appreciate the quiet majesty of the landscapes that have shaped our history and continue to mold our experiences.


Signed & Numbered.


*The prints come with a 2" white border for matt framing. 


Ships unframed. Contact mad@waytoomad for bespoke framing.

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